Company Address

    Company Address

    • NameCompany: Blumarines LLP
    • Business register number: 2073428
    • VAT:IT 09163490965

    Raimo Michele Via Delmare 85 70023 Bari Italy
    Telephone: +393375632148
    E-mail: help@bluemarines.org
    Website: www.bluemarines.org

    No changes to this agreement shall be binding except those in writing counter-executed by both parties.
    Deviations in pricing shall be agreed to in writing. Emails confirmed by both parties shall suffice.
    Invoices & Payment.
    Blumarines will invoice Customer for Fees and Expenses monthly; provided, however,
    Blumarines may invoice Customer for Fees and Expenses associated with Service(s) provided
    pursuant to a customer’s request immediately upon provision of such Service(s).
    Customer acknowledges that Blumarines will invoice certain Service(s) (including without
    limitation telecommunications services) in advance of the provision of such Service(s). Payment shall be
    due immediately upon the invoice date for recurring monthly services whether or not customer has
    received an invoice yet or not. Invoices, which remain unpaid 4 (Four) days after they are due, shall be
    terminated and any associated services including any data stored on the service will be wiped. Expenses
    shall be included on an invoice only to the extent that the actual amount of Expenses is known to
    Blumarines at the time the invoice is issued, and Expenses for which an actual amount is not
    known to Blumarines at the time an invoice is issued may be included on subsequent invoices.
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, the failure of InfinityHosts LLP to include earned or
    incurred Fees or Expenses on a given invoice shall not relieve Customer of its obligation to pay such
    Fees or Expenses. Customer’s obligation to pay Fees or Expenses shall survive the termination of this
    Agreement for any reason whatsoever.
    Security Interest.
    Customer grants Blumarines a blanket security interest in the customer’s contract with their
    customers who are renting servers from them in the Smart DC data center and any equipment which
    they have collocated in the SmartDC data center on behalf of InfinityHosts LLP in the event of non-
    payment by customer – customer agrees that Blumarines may take these customer contracts direct
    and or sell the equipment without a tortious interference claim or unlawful conversion claim to protect
    the credit balance owed Blumarines by customer and full ownership of the contracts shall transfer
    as well if balance is more than 60 days old. Any amounts collected from any sale of equipment above
    and beyond the balance owed will be returned to the customer within 10 business days.